Frequently Asked Questions

How many positions are there on the schemes in total?

There are a maximum of:
Management: 3
HR/OD: 2
PaLS: 1
Eng: 5
IT: No posts available in 2019

Can I apply for more than one scheme?

Yes you can apply for any or all of the HSCNI graduate schemes providing you meet the essential criteria required by each. If you apply for more than one scheme you will only have to attend for one assessment centre however you will have to attend for separate final interviews and prepare accordingly.

Are the positions for recent graduates only?

Any graduate can apply providing they meet the essential criteria.

After the two year scheme am I guaranteed a job?

There is not a guaranteed job at the end of the two year scheme. Trainees will have the opportunity to apply for any posts that are available at the end of scheme. Trainees will have a set of competencies required of them over the two years that are designed to equip them to apply for various HSCNI positions.

Will I be attached to a particular Trust or will I be required to work within all areas of Northern Ireland?


Trainees on the management scheme have three placements and an orientation tour. The orientation is with regional HSCNI organisations; therefore, for that brief time, you could be travelling to anywhere in NI. The first placement is pre-organised by the Regional Link and while placements are regional we give full consideration to where we place trainees.

Only the first placement is pre-organised. The flexible placement and final placement are organised by trainees so location can be determined by you and your needs.


The HR OD scheme placements are rotated between the HSC Leadership Centre, Business Services Organisation and Trusts.


Trainees on this scheme will be based in BSO PaLs sites for the full two years.


Trainees will have one placement within a HSC Trust.


Trainees on this scheme will be based in BSO ITS sites for the full two years.

I am already employed by HSCNI, can I apply for the scheme as a secondment and maintain my current salary?

This cannot be offered as a secondment opportunity therefore if you were to apply for the scheme you would have to leave your current post.  Further to this the scheme unfortunately cannot maintain current salaries of HSC employees. The scheme does however provide extensive training and education opportunities as an added benefit.