The Programme

The scheme consists of an intensive two-year training programme to develop a range of Procurement as well as Logistics skills. You will be given an extensive induction into all functions of HSCNI and become familiar with the structure of this sector as well as the environment in which it operates in. You will also be provided with ongoing support including availing of an experienced mentor. This scheme will allow you to gain a strategic insight into the future delivery of HSCNI as well.

HSC Practical Training

Stage 1 Orientation & first placement

The first 3 months of your training will be spent learning about HSC. You will have the opportunity to observe a range of Procurement and Logistics (PaLs) professionals at work and assess how you can use your potential in this field. You will become involved in projects within the PaLs department.

Stage 2 Placements

Further placements will vary in length across the rest of the two year scheme. Reporting to a line manager you will be responsible for delivering to agreed objectives, competencies and timescales. As you progress through the programme you will further enhance your skills and experience.

Educational Component

There is an important further education and professional studies component of this scheme which runs alongside the practical training. It includes:

  • Workplace focus for learning which maximises placement experiences through learning sets and workshops
  • Combined theory and practice to gain competency based skills and wider exposure to policy, management and research agendas
  • Core experiential learning in formal management skills training
  • Trainees who are not already qualified to graduate membership of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) will complete a postgraduate diploma course in Procurement and complete any other necessary exams to attain this status.