The Programme



What does the Scheme involve?

The Programme combines practical experience with specific professional and technical training based on the requirements for corporate membership of an appropriate Engineering Institution.  Your practical experience will include project work, operations and maintenance management responsibilities.  As a trainee you will work with directly employed staff, contractors and consultants.

Healthcare Engineering

Healthcare engineering covers a wide range of activities in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical/Electronic Engineering.  Plant and equipment in acute hospitals ranges from high-pressure steam boilers to conventional plumbing systems and from high voltage generating plant to the management of electronic equipment.  In addition there are some engineering installations in hospitals that are almost exclusive to healthcare engineering.  These include piped medical gases, steam sterilisation, high quality operating theatre ventilation and electro-medical equipment.

Management Skills

Alongside your technical and professional skills, you will also be developing appropriate management skills, knowledge and experience. This will be complemented by a range of management development opportunities. 


For the duration of your training you will based in one of the Trusts.  As a member of their Estates Department Team you will work closely with your line manager as well as having regular meetings with a professional mentor.  You will have an opportunity to work in all areas of estate management in order to give you an understanding of how the Department functions, as well as completing specific projects.

By the end of your training you will have:

  • An understanding of how HSC really works

  • Commenced your educational and personal development programmes

  • Improved your management skills and experience

  • Built up a comprehensive network of colleagues that will continue to offer support to you in your career development

  • Real experience of working in a dynamic and ever-changing environment

  • Received regular feedback and support from your mentor, line manager and professional link

  • Attended a variety of courses in Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK

You may also have receive training on the management and maintenance of a wide variety of systems, including :- Legionella; industrial compressed air; medical equipment; telecoms/IT; security systems; energy & environmental management; service contracts and general maintenance.