Trainee Profiles

David Cairnduff – 2012 Scheme

David Cairnduff Academic History: MSc in Management BA (Hons) in Modern History

Why you joined the scheme?

The scheme provides me with an opportunity to influence a unique and important organisation. Health and social care has a wide ranging reach and I hope to be able to make a difference through the scheme.

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Kevin Clarke – 2012 Scheme

Academic History:LLB Law with Politics (QUB)

Why you joined the scheme?

I enjoy a challenge, and like to bring about change through working with people. I feel the scheme will allow me to use my current skill set in a team environment, as well as enhancing my personal development in the public sector ethos of improving patient care.

What you bring to the scheme:

My career to date includes working in both the private and voluntary sectors. In the voluntary sector I have been an adviser and tribunal representative with Citizens Advice Bureau, a juvenile team manager and Juvenile Committee secretary in my local club, and a Summer Camp co-ordinator for two years running. I believe that the skills I have learned and honed in this work have stood me in good stead in successfully gaining a place on this scheme.

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Tracey Adams - 2011 Scheme

Tracey Adams

Academic History: First class honours degree: MA in Management with Human Resource Management from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Why you joined the scheme?

I joined the HR/OD Graduate Scheme in 2011 because of the level of experience and exposure which it offered. I was keen to work within, and contribute to, HSCNI and the scheme also afforded me the opportunity to apply the knowledge and enhance the skills which I had gained during my degree and previous employment. In addition, I was keen to further my academic learning through completion of a PG Diploma in HRM which is offered as part of the scheme .

What you bring to the scheme: I commenced the Graduate Scheme three months after graduating making this my first post degree employment. Previous employment whilst studying included Customer Advisor for Northern Bank and various retail positions.

Your placements to date:

BSO HR Sept 2011-Dec 2012

  • Assisted with several large recruitment projects
  • Writing management guidance notes and research papers for senior staff
  • Carrying out surveys to evaluate organisational factors

HSC Leadership Centre Jan 2012-June 2012

  • Involved in LEAN project in Emergency Department, RVH
  • Development of new organisational brochure
  • Management of client SLA
  • Project management of team effectiveness workshops
  • Developing and Delivering Customer Experience Skills training for BSO staff

BSO HR July 2012-present

  • Managing recruitment and selection for HSC 2:2 Graduate Intern scheme
  • Management and Co-ordination of alternative Transport schemes for staff
  • Provision of HR support and advice to BSO staff and client organisations
  • Production of research and policy papers

The best bit of the scheme for you:

For me, the best part of the scheme is the variety it offers; as an HR/OD trainee I am involved in a wide range of different projects and have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people within HSCNI.

Joy Hollywood - 2011 Scheme

Simon Daly

Academic History: 2.1 BA Hons degree in English and Theology from Queens University Belfast.

Why you joined the scheme?

I have worked in a variety of roles since graduating and have seen both bad and good examples of how staff are treated and developed which prompted me to thinking about a career in HR.OD. This scheme is excellent opportunity to not only develop my skills and learn new ways of working, but to build valuable relationships through mentor and buddy schemes as well as providing me with the opportunity to obtain a PGDip and CIPD accreditation.

What you bring to the scheme:

Through a number of previous positions I have developed excellent customer and communication skills which I hope to use to build positive relationships. I am hardworking, organised and dedicated; skills which I believe will help me on the scheme and be further developed on the scheme.

Your placements to date:

HSC Leadership Centre Sept 2011-Dec 2012; this was my induction period where I got to learn about the HSC Leadership Centre, its business and its customers. I was introduced to aspects of management and organisational development work as well as service improvement.

BSO HR Jan 2012-June 2012; this was my first placement within HR so I spent time learning about the core business and clients of BSO. I undertook a number of projects within HR and for BSO's customers including writing new policies, developing and analysing organisation wide surveys and a large scale recruitment project.

HSC Leadership Centre July 2012 in this placement I am participating in several service improvement projects, facilitating workshops and delivering training sessions

The best bit of the scheme for you:

The autonomy and responsibility of managing your own projects for customers and seeing the outcomes

Colm McGarry – 2010 Scheme

Colm McGarry

Academic History: Business Management Degree, Advanced Certificate in Management and have just completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management at Queens University. Commencing my Masters in HRM next year.

Work experience: Larsen Group - Sales Representative (August 2004 to September 2007) Whistler Blackcomb Resort - HR officer (September 2007 to September 2008) NI Water - HR assistant (October 2008 to February 2009) Belfast Trust - HR assistant (March 2009 to September 2010)

Professional interests/relevant achievements: Graduate Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) member.

What you bring to the scheme: I would like to think I can contribute by offering accurate analysis of situations plus ideas and realistic solutions to problems. I think I communicate well and have good interpersonal skills. Overall, I believe I can make a positive contribution whilst in the scheme and proactively work well with colleagues.

What you hope to gain from scheme: The most important thing I would like to gain is to acquire as much experience as possible across all aspects of HR/OD and of the Health Service. I relish the chance to make a difference to the service and the opportunity to make decisions (be they correct or incorrect) – this exposure will improve my-self personally and professionally. Hopefully the challenging role and environment will bring out the best of me!

Where you are going to be working: After the induction period I will be rotating throughout the two years between Beeches and the BSO. First placement is at the Beeches.

Personal & Leisure interests/relevant achievements: I love all sport and currently play football and gaelic. I enjoy all outdoor activity - especially skiing, cycling and I recently started mountain running! I love travelling to new places and hate going on holiday to the same place. I like films and reading good books (non-fiction only). Wish had more time to travel to big sporting events as well as visiting places off the beaten track.

Closing statement: Being part of the team in the Health Service that faces all the continual challenges it does is very appealing. Another attraction of this new role is the career progression opportunities within the Health Service plus the scope for professional development. I look forward to viewing all the behind the scenes action, learning new ideas and different effective approaches to work.

Cook’s Tour: So far on my Cooks tour I have been mainly shadowing various Beeches trainers and consultants on a range of programmes, workshops and service improvement projects. These have all been extremely insightful into increasing my awareness of all the pressures on the HSCNI and it has significantly enhanced my understanding of the structures and systems within HSCNI. In addition, a highlight so far was shadowing my mentor for a day in their Trust – fortunately I was able to attend a Trust Board meeting that my Mentor was chairing plus take part in a workshop on Succession Planning. This was particularly relevant to my role as I am currently working on a project on this subject for Diane Taylor (HR Director, DHSSPS).

Placements: I am currently placed at the Beeches Management Centre until January when I swap organisations with the other HR/OD Graduate Trainee and work at the BSO. During the two year programme I will be alternating between these two organisations.

Impressions: My initial view of the Health Service in Northern Ireland is that it is experiencing particularly turbulent times. The service is being forced to adapt to rapidly changing environmental pressures now, and in the future. Many of the same problems and issues are found across all the organisations and staffing groups though on the flip side this is an ideal time for the Health Service to increase the pace of change. HSCNI has an excellent chance to exploit this opportunity to review all current practices, alter how Health and Social Care is delivered and if necessary, redesign it-self to best fit current and predicted needs. Technology in particular offers numerous affordable opportunities to improve and streamline services.

Projects: I am currently working on a project at the Beeches to construct an automated system to evaluate all Training and Development activities the Beeches delivers. This piece of work is ongoing and the first stage is almost complete of standardising and finalising the end of day evaluation sheets along with an accompanying management dashboard type report. Alongside this, I am working with Lee-Ann (the other HR/OD Graduate Trainee) in producing and distributing a Succession Planning questionnaire to all top tier staff throughout HSCNI. This bit of research has been commissioned by Diane Taylor from DHSSPS and it is likely we will be asked to produce a report on the findings with the possibility of contributing to a new Succession Planning strategy post report.

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Lee-Ann Rankin - 2010 Scheme

Lee-Ann Rankin

Academic History – MA Management with Human Resource Management (2:1) and awaiting results of MSc Human Resource Management which will also provide CIPD Graduate level accreditation.

Why you joined the scheme?

I joined the Human Resource/Organisation Development (HR/OD) Trainee Scheme in 2010. My motivation for applying for the scheme was to broaden my HR knowledge as well as gain new experiences in the field of OD. Working within Health and Social Care (HSC) appealed to me due to the scale of the sector, along with the knowledge that I would be able to contribute to the overall aim of improving the health and well-being of the people of Northern Ireland through the delivery of a vital support function.

What do you bring to the scheme?

I have a wealth of HR knowledge and operational experience gained from previous employment as a Resourcing Administrator with HRConnect, and as a HR Assistant and then a HR Business Support Partner with the Northern Regional College. I am determined to build on my current knowledge and gain further experiences that will ensure I am a well-rounded and competent HR professional within HSC. I also have a proven track record in the delivery of customer care which is critical in the provision of HR services.

Placements to date

The scheme began with a placement in the HR Department in the Business Services Organisation (BSO) which ran from September 2010 to December 2010. During this time I was responsible for conducting surveys, analysing data and creating reports and strategies, as well as completing HR support work such as assisting in employee relations issues.

In January 2011 I rotated to the Beeches Management Centre which is now known as the HSC Leadership Centre. During my time there I was involved in the creation of the unit’s electronic evaluation process and I also worked with Senior Consultants on the creation and delivery of Learning and Development (L&D) programmes. I was responsible for the ability assessment elements of various recruitment exercises and I also created promotional literature for the unit.

In April 2011 I then went to work closely with the unit’s largest customer; the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (BHSCT). I was placed in the L&D team in the BHSCT for 3 months where I evaluated the outcome of various L&D programmes and presented the findings, as well as making recommendations for the future. I also delivered Customer Care training to a range of the Trust’s employees.

In July 2011 I returned to the BSO for six months for my second placement with the organisation. In this time I was heavily involved in recruitment exercises including the volume recruitment of administrative staff and Interns for our own organisation and client organisations. I administered the Cycle to Work Scheme which was extremely popular with our employees and our clients’ employees, and I created a range of tools that measured and illustrated the activity and output of the HR department.

In January 2012 I was due to complete my final placement with the HSC Leadership Centre but I applied for a secondment within the BSO as HR Manager and I was successful, therefore I remained in the BSO until the end of the scheme in August 2012.

The best bit of the scheme for you

This would have to be my second placement in the BSO as I felt that I was really involved in the day to day work of the department and was given more responsibility which enabled me to gain a wealth of valuable HR knowledge.

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