The Program

Stage 1 - Cooks Tour

The first three months of your training will be spent on an orientation tour. You will learn about HSC as you experience it from behind the scenes. You will have the opportunity to observe a range of professionals at work, and assess how you can use your potential to lead and manage services.

By the end of your Cooks Tour you will have:

- An understanding of how the HSC system really works and an appreciation of the scale, scope and complexity of the health and social services

- An understanding of the culture and values system.

- Real experience of working in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

- Created your own network of colleagues and friends.

- Commenced your educational and personal development programmes.

Stage 2 - First Placement

For the next nine months you will undertake your first work placement. Reporting to a Line Manager, you will be responsible for delivering to agreed objectives and timescales.

By the end of your First Placement you will have:

- An understanding of workplace responsibility.

- Completed a number of specific projects.

- Observed a variety of management styles.

- Received feedback and support from your mentor, regional tutor and regional

Stage 3 - Flexible Placement

The Management Elective Placement last 3 months and gives you the opportunity to broaden your skills in an area of your own particular interest. Designed to provide an opportunity to focus on experiencing innovation and improvement agendas within alternative organisations.

By the end of the Flexible Placement you will have:

- Experience of organisational systems.

- Greater confidence in your own strengths and abilities.

- Improved your management skills and experience.

- Broadened your knowledge of other organisations.

Stage 4 - Second Placement

Second Management Placement

Timescale: 9 months

The final placement provides you with the opportunity to further enhance your skills and experience in new and different parts of the HSC system. This will help you to make decisions about your career opportunities.

By the end of your Second Placement you will have:

- Developed a range of strategic and operational management skills, and be ready for a substantive post.

- Completed all educational requirements to be eligible for a post-graduate qualification.

- Built up a comprehensive network of colleagues which will continue to offer support to you in your career development.